Friday, March 7, 2008

Two Packages Going Out

Now that school activities are starting to kick into gear, I've been winding up my charity knitting for the month of March and I just wanted to post what's going out.

A4A had a quick challenge for Root for Peace. Their deadline is March 18th and this is what I'm sending in today's mail.

There was no request for this on their website, but it was posted on the blog. Check it out if you have some wool things sitting around not knowing where to go....

And then I have a package going out to CIC.

The current challenge is to knit up some vests and sweaters. I've already sent out two vests, but I wasn't happy with them so I knit up two more and some socks. The bigger of the vests is in the above picture going to A4A.

Not alot, but a little something to keep a couple of parts warm. I've still got a wool afghan started for A4A and I have an acrylic afghan started for my local animal shelter so as time permits, I'll work a little bit on each of these. Charity work is always there, esp baby socks. They are great for mindless TV knitting.



Knittymuggins said...

Your knits are adorable! Thanks for sharing :) I agree - every little bit helps!


Jill said...

I'm so impressed! You've managed to get a lot more done than me.