Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Two Finished Objects


I have two finished objects. I've been doing so much knitting for friends that my charity knitting is falling slightly behind. I plan on whipping up a few more quick projects just to catch up.

This is my first baby hat. It's also the first object I have ever finished on double pointed needles. It was nice to do more than start, fudge and frog a sock. The hat is small and slighlty misshapen but I love it. :-) It was made on size 6 DPN's with Simply Soft Berry Yarn.

My second object was created using a regular gauge knitting board and Paton's Carmen Yarn. It so soft and fuzzy. Such a delight to touch. Makes me wish I'd bought a skein for myself. The scarf looks a little short but because of the way it wraps and molds to the skin if feels perfect.

Looking forward to seeing and being inspired by the FO's of others.

Take Care,

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Sweater finished

This sweater will be going to CIC or "Children's in Common". They currently have a toddler sweater challenge going on. The pattern that I used is "Jerod's Gansey" from the book "Knitting Ganseys" by Beth Brown-Reinsel. It is made of "Galway" yarn, a 100% wool worsted weight wool. It was a fun knit, never boring with all the stitch pattern variation.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Help Me Out Please!

Although this is not charity knitting, I would really appreciate some advice. I am in the process of making a baby blanket for my sister (due in April). This sister is extremely picky about colors, i.e. it can't be too bright because that might make the baby agitated, it has to be girly and it should probably match the 50,000 outfits that the child already has. I love my sister dearly, but this decision makes me crazy. Would you mind checking out the yarn on my blog and weighing in on the decision? I may even pick a name out of the commenter's and give that person a prize.

Friday, January 11, 2008

Baby Surprise Jacket finished!

Sorry it's a bit dark. And I think Mr. Bear is looking a little wistful, wishing it fit him better. With 4mm needles and Bernat Sweet Stripes (sport weight, color "Sunny Stripes") this came out to a 20" chest, or about a 6-9 month size. Here's a closeup of the buttons:

This will be going to Living Alternatives.

Me again,

with FO number two for January:
These socks will be sent to Mittens for Akkol. They currently have a challenge for larger sized socks. These are 10.5 inches in length, made from Paton's Classic Merino. They have a very tight gauge, so hopefully will be very warm. The pattern is Thuja from Knitty. It was fun and quick.
Thanks for viewing...

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A hat

Hello, my name is Jenny and I'm glad to be making my first post here!

I've made a hat using Classic Elite Beatrice yarn in the color Aspen Grove. The pattern is from Interweave Knits Fall 2007, Snowball Hat by Katie Himmelberg. Gunther the bear is wearing it now. The hat is fairly stretchy so I think the fit is fine for an older child as well as an adult. It is something I would actually wear so I feel okay about someone else wearing it! I am not sure what charity it will go to. I hope to knit and post here at least twenty items during the year.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Kids Are Hilarious!

I started the Close Knit Hugs project with my students today. If you're interested to read how things went, you can check out my blog. Kids crack me up.

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hi there!

My name is Kathy, and I live in Iowa. During 2006, I knit quite a few items for charity. (Mostly going to CIC or "Children in Common"). I fell short during 2007. Not sure why, but I did. So - my New Year's resolution is to do more charity knitting in 2008. My goal is at least one item each month. I hope to exceed that goal quite often.

I think being a member of this group will keep me motivated and on track. Thanks for allowing me to join in.Today, I finished my first item. It is a pair of felted children's mittens. They should be warm, and the "fur" should be fun for some little girl. They are 7 inches from bottom of cuff to tip of the hand. Not sure what age that will fit, but hopefully someone. They were quite fun to make, my first experience with "fun fur". Not sure which organization these will eventually go to. I plan to accumulate a few, and then go in search of a group that can use them. Some groups need certain items and not others....that sort of thing.

Hope to be back soon....with my next finished item. Thanks again for having me...

Friday, January 4, 2008

Happy New Year

I've gotten one more hat done for Fairview Hospital:

Simple pattern:

With size 5 dpns (6 if you are a very tight knitter) CO 60 (divide them 14,16,14,16 so you will always start the next needle with a K; I find this helps me avoid ladders).

K1,P1 ribbing for 20 rows, st st for 2o rows.

Decrease for crown:

K5, K2tog around, K 1 row. (Do not worry if it doesn't come out quite even; fudge if necessary)

K4, K2tog around, K1 row

and so on, until K2tog around. Cut yarn, leaving enough of a tail to run through the stitches and pull tight. Weave in ends.

And here is the Baby Surprise Jacket I'm working on. Bernat Sweet Stripes and 4mm KnitPicks Harmony needles.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Prayer Shawl Update

I just started knitting the Lion Brand Comfort Shawl for a coworker who is battling cancer.

This is the first time I have worked on circular needles, and woe is me. I know that circular needles are supposed to be more ergonomically correct, but my hands, wrists, and forearms are quite sore this morning. The cord connecting the two needles is still quite stiff and curly, and I keep pushing the cord out of the way as I am working. (It's driving me crazy!) The finished rows keep twisting on the cord, and the stitches aren't easily sliding from the cord onto the end of the needle as I work down the row. I find myself pulling/pushing the project onto the ends of the needles every few stitches.

What am I doing wrong? Do any of you more experienced knitters have some suggestions for me? I know of people who knit everything on circular needles and wouldn't go back to knitting on regular needles. I'm disheartened, because if it doesn't get any easier, I don't see myself ever knitting larger projects or projects in the round.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

A Newbie's Intro

Hello, everyone! My name is Kimberlyn and I'm from Lansing, Michigan. I just started knitting on December 15, and I'm already addicted! I teach junior high school, and my hope is to start a charity knitting group with some of my students. We're going to knit squares for Close Knit Hugs, an organization that provides handmade blankets to victims of natural disasters here in the United States. Currently, Close Knit Hugs is piecing together squares and donating the finished blankets to Blankets for the Gulf. Each Close Knit Hugs afghan consists of 35 8 x 8-inch squares, and my hope is that my students can produce enough squares between now and June for at least one blanket.

Aside from Close Knit Hugs, the charities I would like to work with in 2008 are as follows:
Christmas at Sea
Knit Your Bit
Red Scarf Project
Project Linus
St. Casimir Prayer Shawl Ministry

Happy New Year to you all!