Monday, February 25, 2008

Socks in the Pile

I just finished off a pair of socks for charity. Which one? I'm not sure yet. I usually knit for CIC and will put it in the bag to see if the next campaign is for socks. Right now we are doing vests & sweaters, and while I already sent in 2 vests, I wasn't happy with them. So I cast on for another one. While I'm loving the vest, it looks much bigger than a size 3-4, so it may be going to another charity that is looking for bigger vests.

I'll post a picture of that once it's complete, meanwhile here are my socks.

I used up some wool ends that I had hanging around to make these.

But I thought they were too light and would show dirt too quickly so I pulled out some Cherry Kool-aid and nuked them!

They look and smell great!



Knittymuggins said...

Super cute socks!! They looked great before the dye job, but they look so pretty afterwards too. And I bet they smell cherry-licious ;)


Lynn said...

Thanks! Its funny how the yarn smells SO much better after a good soak in koolaid!!

Anonymous said...

I love color change. Good idea about the kool-aide.

Kathy said...

Great give them a little dunk! I need to try that myself sometime... I have never dyed anything. Someday....