Sunday, December 30, 2007

One FO down!

I finished the pink hat I was working on, what do you think? It will go to my aunt who just started treatment for breast cancer. I used a little less than one ball of Sugar n Cream self striping in #21732 Pinky Stripes.

SABLE = stash acquisition beyond life expectancy. You have so much yarn that even if you stopped buying more and knit all the time, you could knit for the rest of your life and not run out. We lost my MIL to breast cancer 3 years ago right before Christmas, and I was offered her needles and yarn and sewing supplies. She didn't have any daughters, and her other daughter in law is not a big crafter. (Though my sister in law did just supply me with a victim, I mean target, I mean new baby to shower with handknits. :-)



Knittymuggins said...

Wow, cute hat Elizabeth! I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt and your MIL. What a difficult thing to go through! But how lovely that you have a craft and stash that continues to remind you of your loved one :)

Thanks for filling me in on SABLE and sharing your lovely FO!


Anonymous said...

Great job on the hat!

What pattern did you follow?

Take Care,

K. said...

I really love this hat and am also interested in the pattern. Perhaps this will be my first item when I graduate from squares and rectangles!