Sunday, December 9, 2007

Stitches For Love

This past year, I haven't spent as much time as I'd hoped knitting for my favorite charity Warm Woolies. I have a giant rubbermaid tub spilling over with yarn that is just begging to be knit into something to keep a little one warm through a long and frosty winter. So now that the time for resolutions is almost upon us once again, I have decided to set a goal for myself for 2008. I would like to knit 100 pieces next year for Warm Woolies and have them sent off by next December.

And I would love to have you keep me company! Though I'll be knitting for Warm Woolies, you are welcome to join me in knitting for any charity that you enjoy contributing to (there are a few in the sidebar if you need some ideas). Set some goals for yourself, or just knit with what you have and contribute where you can. And of course, crocheters are welcome as well :) Though I'm setting a goal for myself, and setting up this KAL to keep me accountable, I'd love to have anyone that enjoys knitting for charity join me here and share what they're working on too.

I hope to meet you back here on January 1st to share the love!


Jenny said...

Fantastic idea! I am so glad that you've set this up.

Kasia said...

Sign me in Sweetie. I might not be really a charity knitter, but I'd love to keep you guys company knitting for friends and family (no charity knitting thingies in Europe...). So if I may please sign me in. Bug hugs.

Lynn said...

I like to do charity knitting thru out the year, but it would be fun to be with others who do the same thing. Sign me up!

knittyauntie said...

Sign me up! My name is Hayley and my blog is

My e-mail is possum19871016 AT yahoo . com